Sweet Wines

These wines offer light, fruity flavors with sweetness balancing the acidity in the wine. All are especially good as picnic wines served cold from the ice chest.

Sweet:: Lake Side White Case Lake Side White Case $140.40
Sweet:: Lake Side White Bottle Lake Side White Bottle $13.00

Waves of tropical fruit tossed with a zest of lemon make this semi-sweet libation perfect for picnics at the beach, sipping by the winter fireplace, or pairing with everyday food, anytime, anywhere. Fermented and aged in stainless steel.

Sweet:: Lake Side Sunset Bottle Lake Side Sunset Bottle $13.00

Sociable and fun, this light, fruity, semi-dry wine is refreshing with spicy dishes, ham, fruit, and soft cheeses. Excellent before dinner or with dessert. [46% Merlot; 41% Traminette; 14% Cabernet Franc; 4.0% residual sugar]

Sweet:: Lake Side Sunset Case Lake Side Sunset Case $140.40
Sweet:: Lake Side Red Bottle Lake Side Red Bottle $13.00

Exotically perfumed, fruity red wine. A white wine’s soul in a red wine’s body. Sweet and enticing. Excellent picnic wine. Serve chilled or at room temperature. Try this with Thai and other spicy food.

Sweet:: Lake Side Red Case Lake Side Red Case $140.40